Never had a friend By Dr. Micah johnson

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What is “never had a friend”?


Never Had a Friend (NHAF) is a memoir of how a child survived trauma, homelessness, and disadvantage through friendship and artistic expression. NHAF is a groundbreaking one-man show fusing drama, comedy, storytelling, spoken word, and movement art. The show features a thrilling dramatic performance by a natural actor, an edifying lesson on social justice from a professor of sociology, a spoken word exhibition by an award-winning poet from the National Society of Arts and Letters, a hilarious comedic showcase by a celebrated writer, and an enchanting tale of friendship by a gifted storyteller. All in one performer. A snippet from NHAF was released as a TEDx Talk. Within one week, NHAF became one of the most viewed TEDx UF Talks in history with over 100,000 combined views on YouTube and NHAF is innovative and timely. In the wake of the COVID19 pandemic, widespread economic hardships, and global interests in equality, NHAF is perfect to help foster the healing and understanding that folks around the world are craving. You can book Dr. Micah E. Johnson’s Never Had a Friend using #doctorMicahJohnson #neverhadafriend.

Why did Dr. Micah E. Johnson write a monodrama, monologue, solo play, and one person show?

A story is one of the most powerful forces in the world to connect, influence, teach, and inspire. At the core of each of us is a story. Our faith, our identities, our sense of self, and our perspectives, are all shaped by stories. When our time is on this earth is done, we will exist as a collage of stories. Dr. Micah E. Johnson presents to your audience a magnificent story, a tale containing trauma, race, homelessness, and depression, as well as art, friendship, and resilience. NHAF helps to destigmatize mental health and foster compassion for disadvantaged children. NHAF has several advantages: It is safer, cheaper, and more flexible than larger ensembles. As a one-man show, NHAF has health and financial advantages. Also, NHAF is structured to service small, midsize, and large venues, to accommodate all budgets. Book Dr. Micah E. Johnson’s Never Had a Friend for your next event.

Who is Dr. Micah E. Johnson at usf florida?

Dr. Micah E. Johnson is a professor, author, scientist, activist, performance artist, and award-winning poet with over 20 published articles, 2 books, and 4 million dollars in research grants from the National Institutes of Health. Also, His work has been cited by the New York Times, Senator Bernie Sanders, and others. Dr. Johnson recently published a picture book version of his story also entitled Never Had a Friend, which debuted at #1 New Release on Amazon in the Poverty category. He also coauthored The Little Book of Police Youth Dialogue: A Restorative Path Toward Justice based on work by the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding. Dr. Micah E. Johnson breaks 25 years of silence to tell this story for the first time. You can book Dr. Micah E. Johnson’s Never Had a Friend by using #doctorMicahJohnson #neverhadafriend or simply click below.