Never Had a Friend: A Picture Book


A lonely child who wishes for a friend loses his home and is faced with heartbreaking hardships and awful adversities. Finding friendship and happiness seems impossible. As his faith dwindles, he wonders, will I ever find a friend? Do I deserve love? In his deepest despair, he discovers the immeasurable and phenomenal human capacity for compassion. In one of the boldest and daring picture books ever written, Never Had a Friend © masterfully navigates profound topics such as trauma, homelessness, adversity, and resilience. Dr. Johnson, a sociologist trained in psychiatric epidemiology, delivers a breathtaking lesson in character education.


The compassion, empathy, and unity that we desire can only be sustained through an investment in the moral development of our children. For most of my life, I studied child development and learning. I am a sociologist trained in psychiatric epidemiology. A lot of the ugliness that we see in the world is rooted in issues within families, and the lessons that are passed to children. Likewise, the beauty and goodness that we see in people, in communities, and in the world, is nurtured by those who foster integrity in children. When kids become adults, they may not recall who taught them how to tie their shoes or ride a bike, but they will never forget those who taught them compassion, kindness, friendship, and integrity. These are the lessons that define us. However, many adults struggle to have profound conversations, particularly with children. They wonder about the best time, the correct approach, the appropriate age, and where to begin? Fusing art and social science, we created a picture book that empowers folks to talk to children about social issues and teach them kindness, friendship, and empathy. This picture book, entitled Never Had a Friend, provides a guide for discussing bias, poverty, homelessness, bullying, resilience, friendship, kindness, and hope. It is the #1 new release on Amazon. Without a major publisher, or corporate machine, or huge budgets. It is #1 because it is real, artistic, compelling, timely, and unlike anything that we have seen before. It is #1 because we want our children to be a part of the goodness in the world and not the ugliness. Get the book as an investment in the character development of the children in your life.


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