Service Overview


Strengthen the justice system through leveraging empirical evidence and scientific literature to provide judges and legal professionals with the tools to make informed decisions.


We leverage scientific literature, qualitative and quantitative research methods, and Dr. Johnson’s expertise in three fields –sociology, criminology and social epidemiology—to provide cost-effective yet high-quality expert witness services. We aim to bridge the gap between the justice community and the academic community.


Our clients enjoy the ease and confidence of knowing that Dr. Johnson is a subject matter expert and experienced communicator. He presents his findings in a comprehensible, approachable and captivating manner for the judge, jury, and broader community. Our services include:

  1. Scientifically and thoroughly reviewing case files
  2. Conducting independent research including field research and/or quantitative analysis of our comprehensive data
  3. Screening clients for trauma exposure, substance use disorder, suicidal ideation, and other relevant psychiatric problems
  4. Consulting with legal practitioners and other members of the justice community.
  5. Writing professional, scientific, and cogent reports
  6. Delivering intentional and compelling expert testimonies

Service packages

  • Level 1: Case review and written report
  • Level 2: Case review, written report, and testimony
  • Level 3: Case review, field research, comprehensive report, and testimony


We customize our services according to our client’s needs and budget.