Talks and Training


Thank you for taking time to visit my site. My name is Micah. I am a professor and volunteer peacebuilding advocate at a local non-profit. I am very concerned that international demonstrations, political polarization, and social stressors threaten unity and peace in our community. However, I have a tremendous amount of faith in the human capacity for compassion, peaceful conflict resolution and healing. I have trained over 10,000 individuals at various organizations, including large Ivy league universities, such as Harvard and Yale, state and local entities, such as the Federal Public Defender, and small community groups. I write because I want to speak to your organization about these topics.

My family and I have made a commitment to nourishing unity in our community, vowing to train 100,000 individuals in antiracism and peaceful conflict resolution. Empirical evidence has shown that these trainings can improve morale, climate, productivity and trust within communities and organizations. Our peacebuilding efforts have been featured in the York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, and other media platforms. I have personally witnessed individuals and their organizations experience inspiration; personal and professional development; healing and bonding; improved organizational morale, climate and productivity; and a deeper connection to their colleagues, co-workers and neighbors. I think the best way for heal is through reaching one person at a time, one organization at a time, and one community at a time.

I would like an opportunity to speak at your next event or gathering. Please let me know when would be a good time for me to connect virtually or visit you face-to-face. I look forward to connecting with you, and expanding our network. Contact me directly at or by filling the contact form below. If you would like to sow a seed blessing, please see the donate tab to the top right. Peace.