On this page we will post the information of talks and speaking services that are distinct from the training programs. This should include the motivational speaking content.

Talks (each talk will eventually have an image and a brief description).

  • The Power of the PhD.
  • From Poverty to PhD
  • Dark Lights: The glory, goodness, and genius in the ghetto.
  • Solving the Race Problem

is an accomplished and awarded public speaker. Over the course of six years, he has perfected four specific oral presentations. These presentations can be customized to align with a variety of circumstance.

The Power of the PhD

Dr. Johnson inspires individuals to commitment on the path, overcome the imposter syndrome, mute the distractions and boldly embark on obtaining the highest degree awarded in academia, the Doctorate of Philosophy. Hundreds have been inspired to embark on the PhD as a results of Dr. Johnson’s stirring performance lecture on the Power of the PhD. Contact Dr. Johnson to book this sensational lecture today.

From Poverty to PhD

delivers an earth-shattering biographical tale, including his earliest memories fighting with asthma, being retained two grade levels in primary school, living in homeless shelters, and earning a 4.0 perfect grade point average for his masters and doctoral studies. Contact Dr. Johnson to schedule this captivating presentation today.

Dark Lights: The glory, goodness, and genius in the ghetto.

In a one-man show format, Dr. Johnson, leverages personal experiences and scientific research to analyze contemporary under-served black communities. The presentation leverages multimedia to deliver an informative, captivating and entertaining presentation. Contact Dr. Johnson to book this extraordinary performance today.

Solving the Problem of Race

has been teaching hundreds of individuals on the etiology of race and racism in the United States of America, for the past six years. Dr. Johnson discusses the topic of racial oppression in manner that is authentic and heartbreaking yet empowering and unifying. Dr. Johnson has traveled across the United States facilitating one of the most astonishing dialogues on race that is available. From boardrooms to classrooms, testimonies of the life-changing capacity of this dialogue has been pouring in. Book this talk and training session today to understand and resolve the problems of racism in America.

Steppingstones to Trauma Responsive Care Series

The Trauma of Being Poor and Black

Thursday July 30th, 2020

6:00 PM (or anytime that works best for RPCP)


“The Trauma of Being Poor and Black” discusses the etiology of race and racism in the U.S. and how these historical harms relate to the contemporary intersection between race and class in the U.S. The talk covers racial oppression in manner that is authentic yet empowering and unifying.  This presentation reviews how these historical and contemporary factors contribute to present-day under-served Black communities including enslavement, historical trauma, major systems of oppression, and other social problems. In addition, potential solutions and a path towards justice is discussed.