Derrick St. Fort, CCDI, MSW Staff Investigator, Federal Public Defender

It brings me great pleasure in recognizing the phenomenal work that Dr. Micah Johnson has donewith our office. In the mist of searching for an expert, we ran into difficulty searching for the right fit. We were concerned that a good amount of the client’s childhood traumas and concentrated disadvantages would not be revealed through a psychologist. Dr. Micah Johnson is a specialist in Sociology, Criminology and Epidemiology.  He was able to clinically evaluate the client’s social environment and make a determination on how the ecological trauma had impaired and affected his life. He was able to conduct a clinical interview with the client, review expert literature on the client’s childhood trauma, analyze the effects of the trauma on the client’s childhood, focus on how the client’s environment criminalized people with mental health issues and highlighted the lack of services in his community. He provided an in depth report and many hours of consultation.  He also provided impactful testimony in federal court, during a four hour sentencing hearing and withstood the challenging questions of cross-examination. The judge recognized Dr. Micah Johnson’s well-researched and detailed report as having played a major role in the ultimate sentence of the case. Dr. Johnson has a wealth of knowledge and was great to work with.