Training Programs


has been working closely with youth who are underrepresented in academia and/or from disadvantaged backgrounds for over eight years to help them apply for and successfully complete college.

Main programs

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1) RISE Together 

Race, Inclusion, Solutions and Excelling (RISE) Together is an evidence-driven training program designed to increase knowledge, collaboration, productivity, inclusiveness and morale in a multicultural space. The program has three tiers: a one-hour talk, a 5-hour training program and a three-day comprehensive training program.

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2) Turn the Switch: College Readiness for Underrepresented and Disadvantaged Youth

Dr. Johnson delivers a powerful presentation to youth that inspires them to turn the switch, and fully commit to obtaining a college education. He has a developmentally appropriate talk for middle school students, high school students and adults.

Other talks and training programs

  • Building Bridges: Overcoming Adversity and Moving Forward.
  • How to teach race and racism, especially in hostile environments.
  • How to recruit and retain extraordinary minority scholars.
  • Introduction to Male Feminism and Ally-ship.
  • Racial Inequalities.
  • Introduction to Gender Inequalities.
  • How to gain and change perspectives.
  • How to Connect with Minority and Disadvantaged Youth