STEP 1: Get Excited!!!


Part 1: BBQ & Day Party at USF MSC Plaza, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM (60 minutes)

Details: The event features Free BBQ, beverages, a Live DJ, giveaways, and special guests.

Part 2: “Never Had a Friend” performance at USF Theatre 1, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Details: The event features a 60-minute show, expert panel, and a special guest host


To keep the event free, open, awesome, inclusive, and acessible, we need donations from tiny to large. Donate. It will make you smile.

We ask that each organization submit a $250 donation (optional). Some will give more and some will give less.

Option 1: Friendly Neighbors Inc. (easiest option)

Option 2: USF Future Scientist Fund


We ask that all members of partnering organizations, please RSVP on “all” 3 platforms:

RSVP on Bulls Connect

RSVP on Facebook

RSVP on EventBrite


Invite your network

-Share the event on Facebook, Instagram, and your other sites. Be sure to invite your network to support you and attend the event. 

-Change your profile picture to the event flyer until the event (or as long as you can 😊)

-Participate in the Viral Event on August 31st at 9:00 AM

-Set a reminder for 8/31/22 at 8:45 AM

-Change your profile picture to the event flyer

-Post the flyer on all platforms

-Create text or video posts inviting your friends and supporters to the event (organizations and individuals)

-Use hashtag #WorldSmileDay2022 and #neverhadafriend

-Suggested post text: “Join us. It’s free. Only 36 days until #WorldSmileDay2022 featuring free BBQ, Day Party, Live DJ, Prizes, special guests, and the USF premier of #NeverHadaFriend. Please RSVP right now to reserve your free ticket! Over 40 organizations came together to host this epic rally to support youth who are vulnerable to homelessness and human trafficking. It will be a great party for a great cause. For more details, see:

-Find other posts using #WorldSmileDay2022 and share them on your sites to create a wave on social media.


Sign Up to Volunteer

Every member of each studetnt organization should complete this survey (espeically presidents) Click Here!

Examples of Volunteer Opportunities:

Pre-Event Volunteer Options (# of volunteers needed):

-Tabling Events (5-10)

-Leafleting Events (10)

-Hang Posters (5-10)

-Social Media Marketing (5-10)

Day-of Volunteer Options (# of volunteers needed)

-9:00 AM: Set Design (4-6)

-5:00 PM Setup (10)

-6:00 PM: Stations (food, beverage, escorts, informational table, etc.: 10)

-9:00 PM: Breakdown and Cleanup (10-20)